How do you differ from the old model of consultants?

At Disruptive, we are more “action” focused, with your part time director often assuming a role within your business, and building up a long-term position of trust within your business and often with your clients. We will undertake short duration projects, but we generally find that our clients gain the best possible results and value from our experts on a long-term basis, where your part time expert can actually make a difference within your organisation.  This also fosters a level of commitment and involvement and “belonging” that is sadly lacking with may consultant projects, who swiftly move on and forget.  

How do you differ from franchised coaching organisations?

There are several well-known (of foreign origin) business coaching franchises. These are proven methods of coaching very small business owners on the basics of business. As such the business coaches tend to follow a template or formula for their coaching solution and try to cover all aspects of a business, from HR to finance with some sales.  Disruptive experts have no template, as they are able to understand your unique business and then apply new innovative sales and marketing solutions, that many business coaches just have no experience of or deep understanding.  Yes our experts will coach you and your team where it is beneficial, but critically our experts will roll up their sleeves and do the job as well.

What is so new and disruptive about your service ?

At face value Uber just provides a taxi service, and Airbnb just provides holiday accommodation, Disruptive Sales and Marketing Experts just  provide sales and marketing expertise for your business. But as with Uber and Airbnb, the revolution is in how these services are supplied, that has disrupted conventional markets.  

Our Sales and Marketing experts are available on a part time basis, giving many SME’s there first opportunity to access expertise that would normally be restricted to the largest corporate businesses. The allocation of hours per month is entirely flexible, ensuring that each client business only needs to buy in as much expertise as they require, and as their business grows so to can the time they want from their own dedicated “in house” expert. Just as Uber makes the old model taxi service look slow, awkward and poor value, Disruptive part time experts exposes the shortcomings of the conventional alternatives of employment or the use of expensive consultants.  That’s why smart and ambitious companies are switching to Disruptive Sales and Marketing experts today.

I don’t want a new Director, I want solutions

What’s in a name?  Although we talk of supplying you a part time director, the title, position or role that our experts undertake is totally the choice of each client. We refer to our experts as directors, as they have held those positions, and are capable of being directors in some of the worlds largest companies, but we would not expect our experts to be appointed as formal directors (as with companies house).  How each client presents our expert to their own staff and external partners, is for their own consideration.  If, after a long term relationship the client wishes to formalise the relationship and appoint their part time expert as a director, that is perfectly acceptable and would be the ultimate demonstration of the alignment between our services and our clients needs.

Can your experts deal with more general business issues?

Our experts are mature, experienced and capable business men. Whilst their prime goal is to deliver you greater profits via better sales, they are of course well versed in matters of finance, production, HR, investor relations and many other aspects of running a dynamic and complex business.  In reality sales and marketing never exists in a bubble, and it is always heavily related to all other aspects of your business, so more often than not our experts will have to help you address issues that are not directly sales or marketing problems, but affect your businesses ability to perform as it should. So yes, you will not only have real leadership for your front end, but you will have leadership input for many other aspects of your business as well.  Again through a network of contacts and past experience they can guide your through exit planning and even Entrepreneurs Tax relief considerations.

Do I need to Commit to a long contract, and then find that my circumstances change and I am stuck with a service I no longer need ?

When we commence with you, the only “contract” you will have is one that confirms the terms and conditions of the initial session or sessions. There will be no obligation for you to continue beyond the first session. Why don’t we “lock in our clients” ?  Because we believe that if our work, and our service is not generating obvious benefits to you and your business, then we should not be there a moment longer than is beneficial to your business. We live or die on our results, just as you do with your business.  Once we have established a great fit between your business and your part time expert, of course we would encourage you both to formalise the arrangement, so if nothing else, both sides are always aware of the monthly requirements and you know you can count on the long term involvement of your part time expert.

Legal stuff :  My own staff are insured via my employment and business insurance, what about my part time expert ?

Some business insurance policies do automatically cover external professional services, but many do not. So, to be sure you are protected –  all of our Part Time Experts have individual Professional indemnity insurance – thus you can be sure that your in house expert is not only insured, but they are well aware of business and trading risk and how to avoid it and help you avoid it. Better to be Safe rather than Sorry.  Please feel free to ask for a copy of their insurance at any time. We stipulate a minimum of £1m cover.

Privacy stuff :  How do you use my data collected on this Website, or any of my contact information acquired from myself or my business, via such as Linkedin, Facebook etc.

We will only ever use your data for processing our work of supplying you with information that you have requested, including any subscriptions for our own news and offers section. We will never supply your data to any third party, and we will always respect your privacy. Just what you would expect from a professional business.