For UK Television buffs, you may have come across a sister TV program to the wonderful Thunderbirds (Are Go!), called “Joe 90”. Essentially the program was aimed at every ten-year-old boy’s dream of becoming a secret agent, and this was enabled by the wearing of a special pair of glasses, that carried and transmitted to Joe’s brain “instant” experience, abilities and expert knowledge of proficient adults many decades his senior. (flying a jet aircraft, accessing a nuclear reactor etc)  I guess in the years since the program was created we can see that whilst little boys (and many not so little) still dream of being a James Bond, the act of obtaining instant experience, instant ability and downloading of knowledge is still in the world of science fiction. Although many would argue that with now early human implant technology and such as the internet and wifi, we are not so far away from cheating one of the universes unwritten laws – that you must first “experience” to become experienced – And you must learn to become knowledgeable.

In our business world, we cannot simply put on our “joe 90” glasses and suddenly be a sales or marketing expert. I could argue that neither can we hope to pick up a bestselling “Improve your sales” book and instantly ingest and become that better businessman. We just cannot replace hard won experience of both the successes and failures that we encounter over many years of day in and day out work.

Most SME’s founders and leaders are experienced in some key areas, hence their initial ability to create and then run a business of significance and substance. However, the demands upon them are relentless and incredibly varied. They must be a jack of all trades, and as such often masters of none.  If we just look at the area of sales and marketing, which although possible the most important function for business life support, is only one part of running a complex business. Our typical SME leader has far too little quality time to focus just upon sales and marketing, instead his/her time is allocated across all of the business functions, often using the ubiquitous “plate spinning” method – that is when one plate starts to wobble and may fall of its pole, they must grab that pole and spin like crazy. So, whilst our SME leaders are certainly gaining great experience every week, it is so varied that they cannot hope to ever be as experienced as a focused expert in any one area.

Yes, a leader may know his sales market incredibly well, but they won’t know of other markets and their successful techniques and processes – that if they did, may just work in their own market. They can’t know of the latest technology solutions and innovative processes available to businesses in general, as they have too many plates to spin to even take a week off to look beyond their own world.  

This is where the smartest SME leaders are now considering “part time in house experts”. These are not consultants, not expensive over qualified fat cats, nor are they ivory tower academics.  Imagine someone who has spent decades at the cutting edge of sales and marketing, delivering proven results and high performance for some of the country’s best-known businesses. These people have been exposed to many leading support partners for achieving sales and profitability, they know what works and what is a waste of money.  Quite simply they have experience and knowledge that you may never achieve for yourself in a lifetime of work leading your own SME.   The smart part to this solution, is that your in-house expert is available from just one day a month, up to several days a week – so you only “access” as much experience as your business needs at any particular time.  

Unlike a consultant, your own in-house expert will get their hands dirty and undertake management and actual doing of real sales and marketing for your business and with your existing staff. Also unlike a consultant, our part time experts are so perfectly matched to your needs that they often become a long-term member of your business and a long serving source of the highest quality of business strategy and debate.

Talk to us today, about gaining your own in-house part time expert, who can help you look afresh at your sales and marketing with immediate results – helping you see your business and markets with fresh eyes, and with no Joe 90 glasses required!  Call us today.