Kevin Higgs

  • A successful and PROVEN Sales and Marketing Expert
  • Worked with and advised many Global Top 100 Brands
  • DELIVERED multi-million pound sales revenues
  • Created HIGH GROSS margin products in B2B and B2C markets
  • Enjoys DISRUPTING markets and INNOVATING sales approaches

Kevin's Profile

Kevin’s Business journey began with information systems within manufacturing, then soon graduating to successfully managing his own manufacturing business with some 140 employees, with multiple site operations.

Manufacturing led Kevin into the world of licensed product and brand, learning of the true value of intellectual property and the process of creating and sustaining brand awareness and brand demand.

The many years of brand and licensed product activity then culminated in Kevin applying his honed skills in the environment of a Retail Brand Marketing Agency. For some 14 years building a portfolio of global clients – such as Microsoft, Samsung, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Sony, Chanel, P&G, UniLever , Tesco, Asda WalMart, John Lewis, EE, Dr Martens, Heineken, and many more.

Working with such exacting marketing and sales professionals has allowed Kevin the environment to develop and practise innovative and disruptive approaches to many business challenges, whilst observing first hand the many expert processes and best practice used by the worlds most professional organisations. Proven in both B2B and B2C markets.

More recently working with a Manila based e commerce group, operating with the latest digital marketing techniques and technologies for international customer and revenue acquisition.  Now with Clients and business interests in the UK and abroad in North America, SE Asia and Europe – Kevins experience covers many markets, products and services.

Kevin’s life mission now is to enable access by SME’s to the processes, thinking and practices of the global market leaders, in an affordable and effective way that delivers both human and financial wealth for all parties.

Pro Bono work now includes  Chair of  income development committee for a USA based international health related charity – VeDA, and the foundation and management of a UK based Health related support group with over 200 members

Plus extensive traveling of the globe, that continues to expand his own horizons and knowledge of humanity.

"Authentic Leadership for your sales & marketing"