Priti Joshi

  • Over 20 years sales and marketing experience within Medical Devices / Software Sales / Healthcare sales – In professional and demanding market sector.
  • Achieved in excess of £1 million sales year on year for over 7 consecutive years, and sales growth of 30% month on month for several years.
  • Held positions as Sales Manager, Sales Director, and Managing Director 
  • Marketing Qualified and Proven in Real World markets
  • £6.5m revenue generated whilst with Genus Pharma over 6 years 
  • Proven Sales ability: Won Over 27 Key National Accounts from competitor products, in under 6 months

Priti's Profile

A highly experienced and successful Market Access Business Expert, I have worked within the medical devices and pharmaceutical arena at the highest levels, for many years. Over this time, I have worked in, and over seen, numerous sales and marketing roles within branded and generic medicinal products.

I have been pivotal in facilitating the production of robust industry specific research papers within the Global Financial Arena which has helped mould companies’ like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Etrali, IPC shape their technology offerings.

Creating and managing High level market data research projects.

Fully focused on creating sales opportunities and marketing strategies for new and existing products, I have strategic experience in both retail and the NHS environment at Stakeholder/Payor level.

As a specialist in the development of innovative plans, activities are designed to facilitate competitive growth, drive sales and achieve customer satisfaction. My client centric focus always ensures goals and needs are met and are fully incorporated into any action plan.

I believe that as a business person we need to give back to the community and with this at the fore front of my actions I bring several years’ experience in Strategic marketing and management.

With this in mind I volunteer with a local charity to help fund raise and maintain sustainability as well as being a School Governor for a hospital school.

It is very important that I give back in whatever way I am able to my local community.

"Authentic Leadership for your sales & marketing"