Essentially, we look to place a leading sales and marketing expert with your business on a part time “Fractional” basis, from as little as one day per month. Our Experts have held these positions in their professional lives and are of proven ability with proven results.

[“Fractional” is a new smart business solution that simply means that your in house expert also spends time in a similar role with other dynamic growing businesses, so you don’t have to commit to any more input time than you really need, and you get a world of professional knowledge, advice and applied work at a “fraction” of the normal cost !]

You decide how much input and time you need from them, and this can be adjusted at any time, so don’t worry about the starting package being right. You then have access to your own in house expert, From as little as one day a month.

The key to all we do, is you. We work to fit in with your business, your objectives, your personality, your preferences.  We will have strong recommendations on how to achieve your sales and profit goals, but how we get there has to be to your liking and to your pace.

With your input, we run through a comprehensive review of your current Sales and Marketing processes, looking honestly at current strengths and weaknesses. The “magic” normally kicks in right here, where your in-house expert will discuss exciting new ways of seeing your market, of seeing new opportunities and even developing or evolving products and services to meet new markets. This is the exciting part about our work, in that amazing opportunities can be discovered at any time, and there is no road map to predict what, where and when- but invariably these new opportunities will arise through our process and your valuable input.

A key benefit we will provide is our long-term commitment to be a member of your team, and not a transient consultant or arm’s length advisor. So from day one your in house expert is looking to build a long term success story with you and to be a part of your journey.

As well as not being on your payroll and not incurring additional employment costs, our experts come with individual Professional Indemnity and Product Liability insurance, so you can be sure these are consummate professionals, well aware of the risks of business and how to navigate the potential legal mine fields found in many sales markets.