Month 1

  • Review, Analyse and Diagnose

Month 2

  • Agree on Strategy, Solutions, Priorities and Objectives

Month 3 – 6

  • Implement, Build Your Sales & marketing Processes

Month 4 Onwards

  • Help Execute The Plan and Drive New Sales

What’s the right amount of time?

  • ONE Day per month?
  • ONE Day Per Week?
  • INTENSIVE Periods of activity?
  • Working Off Site?
  • Expert On Call – emergency contact?

…..Whatever YOU need!

Lead times and cycle times vary greatly with the task in hand and in which market you are trading. Also lead times can be dramatically accelerated by apply more working time in the early stages, especially where you have a “need for speed to market”. 

Timing pressures will also help to guide you and ourselves on what frequency of work is required, from one day a month to 6 days a week – whatever it takes to get your business achieving new and better profits.

Engagement Flexibility

What is the ideal amount of time and frequency for disruptive sales and marketing staff to be engaged on improving my sales and marketing.  This varies tremendously between as little as a day a month, up to short periods of continuous work The key is flexibility in matching to your needs (and not to ours).

No client is ever typical or average, every client is unique and requires unique, bespoke and crafted solutions. But to give you an understanding of how we approach you and your business, our process often looks like this :-