Why “Fractional” Part Time Experts and how it Works

Most businesses cannot afford the costs associated with a Top Performing Sales Director or a Top Tier Marketing Director.

Often such large salaries and on costs can only be supported by businesses turning over tens of millions of pounds and naturally many high fliers are only attracted to the biggest and wealthiest of employers.  Also, to be very honest, smaller businesses would find it difficult to keep such a “big beast” busy or stimulated with their scaled down needs.  This often leaves smaller businesses finding sales and marketing a difficult and daily challenge, not sure or not confident where they should be focusing their efforts and money to deliver sales growth and increased profits.  

The solution for this most common of business problems, is to have your own experienced and proven sales director, or marketing director in your office, but on a temporary part time of “Fractional” basis. 

An expert available “on call” but only in house when they are needed.  From one day a week, you can have your own expert and you decide how to use their skills – typically a mix of Advising, Coaching/training or doing the work for your business (undertaking actual sales or marketing with your team). For the first time ever you can now get access to Big business strategic thinking, large enterprise best practice, proven best practice sales and marketing techniques – all for less than the cost of your most junior employee!

Unlike your own permanent hires, our service is turned on or off like a tap and monthly time input can be adjusted as it is needed.  We do believe that the greatest benefits for your business come over the long term, where shared knowledge and shared experiences help build even stronger results, but you are always free to stop at any time, should your circumstances ever change.

So, if you are interested in new approaches to your sales process, keen to see if you can achieve far more profit for your business and happy to try your own version of disruption to your market – Let’s talk today. The initial meeting is a relaxed process with no hard sell and it will help you think through what are your own business priorities, whether your proceed or not with your Fractional Expert.

Smart Part Time

Who do we help?

We are focused solely upon the private sector, where profit is the overriding goal of your business. This often does often overlap with social and ethical best practice and generally “doing good”, but profitable trading is a key ingredient to who we help and resonates with our Experts own experiences and their profit-making drive.

Our typical client business is generally SME’s up to and including AIM listed, and they may have just a handful of staff up to several hundred hands. But there is no such thing as an average client, and we have experience of helping both start-ups and multinational corporates. So please don’t let your company size be an excuse not to contact us today.  Remember that initial conversations cost nothing, and we will always tell you if we are not the best fit for your business. Even in our initial meeting all clients report that they gain new insight into their business and their markets, irrespective of the outcome.