Just a few examples of how our insight can help your business. Our Part Time Experts have the experience and confidence not to accept everything that they are told as true, and not to believe that convention is always the best way to build your business. See some examples of our insight.

Have you heard the one about the sales team who does not put sales first?

Yes, its true and some find it unbelievable, but here at Disruptive Sales and Marketing, we put your customers long term needs before your short term sales, and your profits above any “vanity” turnover that may have high sales numbers, but low gross margins.  So you could say that we rate your sales in third place – as this actually gives you the strongest long term sales and long term profits possible.

…….. but there is nothing third rate about the results and the method by which we get you there.

What about the sales team who refused to talk about their own business – were they crazy?

Well the truth is that they are so busy painting a vivid and compelling picture of how they can improve their customers lives, and deliver benefits at every turn, that they just never have the time to talk just about themselves and their own challenges before the prospect agrees to become a new customer.    This could be a problem for sales teams who like to talk about themselves, but not a problem if your sales team wants to deliver outstanding growth year on year and puts your customers needs first. Sales “Ears” must always be bigger than the sales “Mouth” !

…….. so yes, they were crazy, but only crazily driven for sales success

The Sales team that said NO to a new customer, they were fired alright, but not like you think?

Strong and authentic sales teams will not hesitate in using the “No” word, especially when the realise that the customer’s order would be harmful to their business or miss matched to the customer’s needs. They realise that integrity, honesty and trust are key to building strong and long relationships. Selling one wrong contract can destroy years of relationship building.

……….   They were all fired, that is fired up with a passion to deliver the best for their customers’ needs and their client’s businesses, that in turn delivered the best for their team and their business.

A Digital Marketing Director who is sceptical about digital marketing – you must be joking?

Its true, most “premier league” Brands and retailer marketing heads are only too aware of the limitations and potential “money pits” that digital marketing channels can be.  Whilst suppliers of SEO, PPC, Digital Media Buy, Mass Email, Social Media marketing – will all have you believe that they can deliver you untold riches – few of them will show you factual case studies or have any understanding of your business and your needs. So, whilst Digital is a very necessary platform for your business, it is no joking matter to ensure you get ROI, and not just clever talk about how many eyes have now seen your banner.

The Company Leaders who are too busy doing the day job to do their own job

So many times we encounter intelligent hard working business people, who have just become to involved in the daily operations and daily demands that they have effectively lost sight of what really matters – Leadership – Destinations – Strategy – Planning.  Not only have they lost sight of these essential features of any business, but they no longer have the energy or bandwidth to even attempt them. This is where Fractional Experts will make such a difference, helping business owners and leaders to once again see what matters and find the time to enjoy doing things well again

……….   Make sure your daily work is not stopping you form doing your the jobs that matter.