Disruptive Business UK seeks to help business owners and senior business officers to achieve their dreams and aspirations for their business.

By applying disruptive, creative and innovative thinking & action, we hope to serve all of our clients to the highest of ethical standards. Allowing businesses to establish solid sales and marketing foundations, from which to build long term and sustainable sales and profit growth – benefiting themselves, their stakeholders and their wider communities.

We pledge to work in the best interest of our client companies at all times, applying passion and energy to produce adventure, joy and success for our clients, their staff and their customers.

We truly believe that business should be a positive force for good in the lives of every worker, and indeed offers an environment for every employee to display their own passion, energy and talents. We also recognise that any profit making business has inherent stresses and strains upon its workforce – from the Chairman down, and as such we are proud to officially support Mind, the charity that helps raise awareness of mental health issues within the work place, and how campaigns for greater awareness of how this often hidden issue can affect one in four of us at any time.