What can be more important than Sales and Marketing ?  Well sometimes many things, Finance can bring a company down if not aligned to the sales and marketing activities (think Phones4U).

Business structure can sometimes need to change to take advantage of new ways of serving your customers cost effectively (Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate bar production recently left the UK for Poland). Staffing resources often need to change to mirror exactly what your business requires to meet the needs of your market – (Just look at Netflix, started as a DVD rental business, and is now a movie producer – what an HR challenge!).

Beyond the most obvious key areas of any business – Production, Sourcing, Finance, HR – there can be other very important issues such as an owners’ exit planning or succession planning, business acquisitions, or even new busi9ness ventures in new markets.    Your in-house sales and marketing expert will have some experience in most other areas of business, and whilst not being an expert on these areas, will be very happy to debate the logic of your current business thoughts and strategies. Also, they will have contacts and past connections that could be very relevant to your other plans or issues.

Sales and Marketing process should and often does track back to all areas of a business, so it is very normal to recognise that a change to sales or marketing will require changes elsewhere in the business.  The issue of “Alignment” and “Agility” is very topical today, as most dynamic businesses recognise that all aspects of a business need to be capable of change so that they always are offering the least cost, highest added value to their companies profit contribution. Your In-house expert will be very familiar with this concept and will encourage you and your staff to always seek an Agile approach to your own business and your market.  Massive events such as economic swings and Brexit demonstrate the need for ever smarter, more flexible, leaner business.