We will always want to have at least one initial meeting with you. This is often the hardest obstacle for you and ourselves to overcome, as many business people are incredibly busy and cannot afford to waste any time.

There is always a fear that having an initial meeting with any new business supplier or partner may be mistaken for agreeing to buy in to their services.  With both of these valid objections in mind, we have refined our meeting process, to ensure that in our initial meeting:-

  • We will help you to rapidly identify if our in house Expert service can help you, if we can’t we will help you conclude the meeting and get you back to the daily demands.
  • We would never look for any commitment to work with us until we have made a formal written proposal to you after our meeting. There is no hard sell.
  • We actively look to help you in our first meeting by suggesting possible new approaches, new views and new thinking that are relevant to your business and your markets.  If you enjoy a conversation that may make you think about things afresh, then this won’t be a waste of your time – In fact we hope it will be inspirational.

Your meeting will be always with the proposed Sales and Marketing Expert for your business, so you will have an opportunity to undertake what we call the “sanity test” – in other words is your expert taking sense, can you anticipate that they will bring new ideas and new processes to your business, could you envisage working well with your Expert, and does the structure of their conversation adhere to business logic, rational commercial thought , with the odd hint at the “magic yet to come”.

We would hope that the initial meeting only takes 30 minutes of your time. Also, we are happy to hold meetings away from your business if that is preferable for you. Sometimes an off site meeting can also help our potential new clients grab 30 minutes of un interrupted time as well, which is a good thing when new ideas are being debated. Go ahead and contact us now today to book your initial meeting and unleash greater sales and better marketing for your business today.


Some other concerns that are often raised at the initial meeting:-

What about my current staff ?
We always look to work directly with yoru current staff, as well as yourself as the business leader/sometimes owner. It is critical to work through your staff, and not bypass or undermine them in any way. We are about building Strong Sales and Marketing functions, and that requires the best of team work, that comes only from motivated, well managed, and inspired groups of people.  As in any business situation, any subsequent staff issues will always be highlighted at the appropriate time, in the appropriate manner with the appropriate level of management.   Your in house part time expert is rarely seen as a threat to your staff, as we are genuinely there to help improve the success of all of your staff, and as “part timers”,or Fractionals, your full time staff will feel additionally secure – seeing us as coaches, thought leaders and Authentic professional managers or directors.

You are by definition working with many other companies, can that cause any conflict of Interest for my business?
We are well aware of potentials conflicts of interest, and this is why we generally only work with one business per industry/Market category. This ensures that specific marketing and sales strategies are kept very safe and secure within your business and are employed by you alone in your market place, giving you the sole and exclusive benefit of our innovation and disruptive techniques. Our Experts will always openly discuss other current clients, and would be the first to raise concerns about any conflicts.  The only down side with this policy, is sometimes we are unable to take on a fabulous new client, as we are already in a relationship with one of a similar nature

I am paranoid about leaking any commercially sensitive information, how can I trust my part time Expert ?
Well most of your own staff will not have signed confidential Non Disclosure Agreements, but your Expert will have with you. So you can be assured that all company information stays totally confidential as it would with any regular staff or key suppliers.  In addition, your expert will have professional insurance protection for all work undertaken, with a minimum of £1m Professional Indemnity and £1m Product Liability insurance. Again, leaving you assured that your in house expert is fully aware of their responsibilities and well versed in risks associated with business trading and employment.  Our Expert will be succeeding when you reach a stage of not only trusting in their ability, but seeing them as a solid part of your business structure and route to growth and greater profitability.

What If I start working with my Expert, but things don’t work out ?
We would be very surprised if your in-house expert does not deliver remarkable things for your business. But we believe that all business and our own should fall or stand by its results and not rely upon onerous contracts or notice periods. As such we will never ask you to commit to any on-going period of service.  You can stop at any time. The only exception may come after working successfully together, where our clients want to ensure that they can have on going and regular access to their experts, then normally at the client’s behest a contract is agreed guaranteeing a frequency and duration of contract period.

I have worked for many years in my business and its market, I am an expert in this field, are you telling me that your Expert will know more than myself ?
No, you will be, and should be the expert in your own business and an expert upon your own customers. Your new in-house expert will have had many different experiences and many different challenges. The “Magic” happens when we mix your expertise with that of your new Expert – from this cross fertilisation of ideas and processes, comes new thinking and new strategies on how to reach more customers, how to reach the right customers, and how to be more effective in selling your products.  We can’t predict or foretell what the “magic” will be, as every client’s business is unique, but we are sure the benefits will leave you very much as still the Best expert on your business, but with even greater efficiency and success in your markets.

Any other concerns, just contact us to discuss. If not please contact us now to request your initial meeting with your potential part time in house Expert today.