Your Expert can – Advise, Coach or Do – You decide

All services are available as coaching of existing staff, and or directly performing the Marketing Tasks on behalf of your business – whatever will give you the best long term growth in your eventual sales and profitability.

Strategy – Ducks in a row

  • Brand Strategy – Creation, Identity and Development
  • Product/Services –  Do they fit the customers’ needs perfectly
  • Customer Journey – what steps are required to convert a customer
  • Generating Leads – Segmentation, Marketing Channels, Marketing Funnel and Journey
  • Sales Process –  What is the ideal process to dove tail to your marketing

Planning – Where and how to employ our ducks

  • Test Budgets and Core budgets (on successful test outcome)
  • Hierarchy of channels – Lowest hanging Fruit first
  • Brand Building Blocks and Tone of Voice
  • AB testing and test plans
  • Outbound & Inbound – Push/Pull planning
  • Partners, suppliers and Media Buy
  • Agreed ROI for testing and core campaigns
  • Sales process and resources aligned to marketing Plans

Execution of Plans

  • Campaigns and content – Creation and refinement
  • Test results, analysis and decisions on core activity
  • Refinement of Strategy and Tactics

Review of results

  • Analysis of results – winners and losers
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Brand Growth and Awareness
  • ROI results
  • Keep, Amend, Improve –  strategy for next phase of marketing and sales

Marketing Process and Tools

  • Marketing External Agency sourcing and management
  • Marketing Software evaluation
  • CRM evaluation
  • On Line / Off Line Process development
  • Sales and Marketing coordination and convergence

Marketing Team Development

  • Marketing Team Training
  • Marketing Team Evaluation
  • Marketing Team Motivation
  • Marketing Team Leadership
  • Marketing Team Recruitment

Business Alignment to Sales and Marketing needs

  • Review of alignment of products and services
  • Review of alignment of business structure
  • Review of alignment of supply chain
  • Review of alignment of Key Staff
  • Strategy development to improve alignment