2023  – Will this be your year of wealth generation, or simply chasing revenues that flatter to deceive ?

A common blind spot to too many businesses – large and small is the inability to move away from sales revenue as they key indicator of success. Gross and net profit can be the only true measure of a business, yet many owners and directors become focused only on chasing revenue.

The problem always stems from the sales function, where understandably your sales team have to talk to prospects and clients in terms of sales order values, and can almost never talk openly of gross margin order values.  However your sales function must learn to be bilingual and talk with just as much knowledge and ease about gross profit values as they do sales revenue values.  Then pipelines can be calibrated in terms of profit generation and not sales revenue, so priorities and areas of greater profitability can be pursued and exploited.

With such a likely dramatic change later this year in the trading landscape, don’t be caught out chasing sales, when your costs may well be moving faster than you think. With global transport costs, raw materials and closer to home brexit trading costs – all moving potentially the wrong way. Focus on margin and do not become the “busy fools” of 2021

Act now to consider how you will meet the exciting challenges and opportunities that 2021 will present to you and your business.

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Let’s talk today. The initial  Zoom meeting is a relaxed process with no hard sell and it will help you think through what your own business priorities are, whether you proceed or not with your Fractional Expert.  We openly discuss that our Experts and our services are not for everyone, and many potential businesses who would benefit greatly just filter themselves out simply by not considering this option and not making that first contact with us – that is a shame, but as we all agree and 2020 has again reinforced this – Business is always a case of survival of the fittest & smartest

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