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Business Principle:
Creating New Markets & Social Sentiment

Confectionery Villain to Health Hero

The Issue

A Leading Brand of chewing gum in the confectionary category, is challenged by a key retailer to “think out of the box” and give them something new to chew on!  Sales are good but steady, and despite great impulse sales at till points, there is little opportunity for sales growth or new consumer interest. Our Expert was challenged at very short notice to undertake a review of all current products, markets and past NPD (new product development), leading to a proposal of how to shake up the current marketing and consumer offer.

The Solution

Our Expert was aware of society comment and views upon FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) categories, with the top three “Satan” product categories (most harmful to human consumers) were Tobacco, Alcohol followed by confectionary (deemed as completely unnecessary sugar & calorie intake for our growing obese child issue).  Consumer perception was starting to view big confectionary as harmful to their world and their children, so any new marketing would need to be sensitive to the “health” issue, or it could spectacular backfire and result in negative press coverage damaging the whole brand and category.  Our Expert dug deep in to the brands back catalogue of products and knowledge looking for any inspiration or product clues as to how the client could introduce new thinking and new energy in to their markets.

The client was sitting on the answer all of the time, but it required those “eyes from outside” and fresh exert thinking to uncover the hidden gem, in that the brand had clinically tested sugar free gum with respect effects upon dental hygiene.  Scientific, and thus repeatable testing, proved that the use of sugar free gum reduced the incidence of gum disease and reduced the need for tooth cavity fillings (both linked to the increased production of saliva in your mouth).  The importance of this obscure report was not lost on our expert, as there was now the perfect antidote to the then current “confectionary and chewing gum is bad for you”, our Expert presented to the client a world where their Sugar Free products were stocked next to toothbrushes and toothpaste, as a key part to everyone’s everyday “oral hygiene”.  New product placement opportunities were then to be found in pharmacies, dental practices, but a major win was in the education of parents and children, that sugar free gum was “good for you”.  The client went on to actively communicate the health message via TV and in store campaigns, with this market now being very well established. A classic case of using all of the available business data in a strategic manner to combat known consumer objections or concerns. Smart Business.  Our Experts thinking now can be found throughout the world, literally on everyone’s lips!

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