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Business Principle:
Never switch off from spotting new opportunities

Finding Sales from new Perspectives, even when you are ill

The Issue

Our Expert, a true sales professional in the arena of brand and retail sales solution, was “confined to home” due to illness. Whilst unable to work and lacking the energy to even contemplate working their normal sales process, our Expert was reduced to watching day time TV, in the hope of passing the day whilst restoring strength to their body.  The worst thing you can do to a true sales person is take them away from their hunting or farming grounds, as the chances of making that sale are vastly reduced, or so you would think.  But sometimes illness is merely an “altered state” or a new environment from which new perspectives can appear!

The Solution

Whilst watching daytime TV, our sales Expert was exposed to day time TV commercials, that target a different demographic audience compared to evening and prime time TV (normally viewed by our expert). Our Expert watched a tv advert for contact lenses, and was struck by the thought that this was the first time of ever seeing a tv commercial dedicated to selling contact lenses. Our Expert deduced that a) There was obviously good sales volume and good profit margin associated with contact lenses as TV advertising was the most expensive channel to consumers. b) this particular brand was obviously enabled with a significant marketing / advertising budget and looking to aggressively acquire new market share and new sales revenues.   The “magic” thinking by our Expert was in recognising a new potential client (the contact lens brand) and in seeing that our Expert client’s company could supply digital screen and media players that could display these new brand TV adverts in optician waiting rooms. Thus, taking an “above the line message (tv ads played in people’s homes) to “below the line” where potential consumers could see the tv ad in an optician, where they could immediately purchase the product.    Our Expert located the contact lens brand owner HQ on the same day (from the lounge sofa!), and made contact with a member of the contact lens brand team and immediately pitched the ability to place their TV ad in every UK opticians waiting room.  The end result was an initial contract worth in excess of £250,000 with the brand business, that went on to generate in excess of £1m of sales.  All from watching a day time TV commercial, but allowing a sales mind to spot new opportunities, from a non work environment. The resulting client acquisition and new revenues would probably never have happened in the normal sales environment.  So, whether ill at home, on vacation, or just in some unusual environment – always be aware that new environments can stimulate new sales thinking, leading to huge wins.

A key benefit from your part time sales expert is that they come with fresh eyes to view your business and your sales markets. Call us today to discuss your Expert Trial.