Category: Marketing

Business Principle:
Creating New Markets & Functional meets Emotive marketing

Air care products, The same product for two markets.

The Issue

A leading global brand supplier of air fresheners and associated air care products needed to freshen up their activity in store, as sales were at best flat.  Most sales are via supermarket shelves. Our Expert was asked to look at how the brand and products engaged with their target market and advise on opportunities to disrupt.  

The Solution

Our Expert already had several “scent based product clients”, but these were in the personal fragrance sector. These clients used the very highest level of targeting upon human emotions for sales and marketing techniques. Obvious sales drivers being purchase used as a token of your love; fragrance as an important extension of your personality and identity and appealing directly to ones’ ego.  So, in the personal fragrance market, consumers are presented with emotional and ego based triggers to prompt purchase, and at significant ticket prices of £50 upwards. Yet the “Air Care” clients’ market was based solely upon functionality – to hide bad odours and mask unpleasant smells (think toilets and kitchens), with an average retail price point of a few pounds.

Our Expert, had their “eureka” moment when he questioned on how it was possible to have two products that both delivered “scent”, yet one was at the top of the human emotive marketing range, but the other only marketed to functionality, lacking any emotional targets and their corresponding value and profits were poles apart.

As an excellent example of cross fertilization of experiences by our Expert, they proposed a world first – To target a new market for all air care products. Our Expert proposed targeting a lifestyle living market. “Perfume for you House, Fragrance for your Home”. Supported by more upscale displays, featuring lighting and lifestyle imagery (mimicking fragrance displays) and even white coated sales assistants offering sample scent cards in store. A new market category was created over night for the essentially the same product, but importantly creating a higher level emotional motivation for purchase (“what is my scent theme for my living space at home”).  This was loved by the client, loved by the key retail channels, and most importantly loved by the consumer.

The new market also allowed for price points to be raised due to the consumers perceived “value” of the product, and many other products introduced to build upon the “lifestyle” options. The rest is history, with all global players now actively selling far more product for lifestyle living than toilet freshness. Our Expert is reminded of their spark of genius every time they encounter a scented living room or bedroom.

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