Fortune favours the Brave, and Business demands the ultimate risks, so are you demanding the same risks of your sales and marketing team.

We have all been there, at the helm of a growing business, and we just instinctively know that the sales or marketing decision now staring back at us, could possibly, or will determine the success or failure of our entire company, and possibly dramatically impact upon your personal finances and life of you, your colleagues and your loved ones.  Gulp !   Yet that’s what business is really about, taking steps into the unknown, taking the stabilizers of our bike, and leaping off that cliff for a spectacular high dive into unknown depths of water below.   

Many love this defining moment and come back to this moment several wealthy years later and look warmly at their younger selves and deservedly congratulate themselves on such a “good call”.  Unfortunately, there are just as many, if not more who get to look back and wish to their god, that they made the opposite decision! [But due to selective bias, we generally don’t talk about failures!]

Whatever team you build in your business, you will always face these defining moments, the big decision, the make or break call, but what if you could take the odds of being right from say a 50:50, to say an 80:20 or even a 90:10 in your favour?  

Employees are not incentivised for telling you the real and whole truth (see separate article, why even the best employees won’t tell you the truth), and consultants have their own agendas, that rarely coincide with your best long-term interests (see why consultants may not give you the “best” advice).  

But imagine someone who works in your business, who has had many many years of expert experience, who also works hands on with you and your team to deliver great results based upon their great thinking. They only work on a part time basis, as you don’t need them full time, and the fact that they also work part time in other demanding businesses makes them more independent than all of your regular employees.  This is the one person who will help you reduce the risks.  Using their knowledge, experience, confidence and independence, you finally have a strong person who can not only challenge your thinking but help your grow your thinking and “fast track” your own ability to see new horizons, and learn new techniques that will always improve the odds in your favour.    We supply such people.  Part Time experiences and proven sales and marketing directors, ready to help you and your business to win and steer a path that is better “With”, than without them.  So, don’t take unnecessary risks, don’t steer your ship alone and consider how a part time expert could help you and your business.  

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