The clear majority of employees wants the best for their boss and their company, after all their job and pension literally rely upon it – but therein lies the rub, the overbearing pressure of pleasing the boss, eventually turns the bravest of employees into “Yes” people (and the stronger you are as a boss, the sooner this happens!)

The logic is simple, disagreement with the boss equals a “disturbance in the force” for happy long-term employment, but agreeing with the boss on a decision that “might” damage the future of the company is far easier to go along with. This may well have the same effect upon the employee (curtailment of employment), but it will be more likely take longer to happen, and it will be nonspecific to that employee, as redundancies are handed out in bulk.    This is not just theory, I think most experienced employees have at some time talked to their peers, or loved ones saying, “the boss is going to kill our beautiful business, but I am not going to be the one to tell them”.  So, Bosses reading this article, even if you are on the liberal side, and don’t even have a door on your office, remember, as long as you sign the pay cheques, you will always receive a “filtered and flattering” feedback when seeking advice from your regular employees – as their working life depends on it!

The above scenario is played out in many many offices, factories, businesses across the country, and to be honest many bossed who like to be the “smartest person in the room”, this plays well to their ego, if not necessarily their long-term wealth and success of their businesses.  

If you would rather have a source of wisdom, alternative thinking and a challenger to the sound of your own voice, there is thankfully a solution for you.

Our dedicated proven experienced “big beast” part time experts will work as part of your team, for as many or as few days a month that you need, but because of their inherent confidence, knowledge and “independence” (they will generally have several parallel demanding business part time rolls) – they will tell you if an idea sucks, but most importantly why is sucks and how you may consider alternatives that “suck less, and may even blow”!  They will also lead you on a journey of innovation, alternative thinking and discovery, all of which will add to your own business and market knowledge to produce sales and marketing results beyond your own expectations. That is what happens when you work with other though leaders and other experts, a life less lonely and a life of faster paced business adventure and business success.

Talk to us today about getting your own in-house expert. Who will always tell you the truth, and better still will help you get to your business success in a faster and more effective way.