Being Disruptive is sometimes essential to make progress in areas where, for whatever reason, we have kept a subject of our humanity too hidden or too secret in our general society. Often because of fear, and many times because of ignorance.  Mental Health issues in the work place is just such a current taboo.  This week the publication of a review, co written my the great guys at MIND, is a great step to disrupting our old bad ways.

Please have a look at the report , but more importantly, be brave, bold and disruptive in your own workplace and raise this subject today.  Given the high incidence of mental health issues in the work place, you will be helping several of your colleagues by doing this – but you just wont know this today, as they feel they have to hide their issues from you and their employer.

So just start a conversation by the water cooler, or even better in the CEO’s office.  “Let’s make working life great, for everyone”

Disruptive Business UK actively supports the work of Mind, The mental health charity. See more in our about us section.